By choosing correct size you make sure your kid will be as comfortable as possible, correct fitting ensures proper insulation, ventilation, etc...

Below, we'll show you how to choose the right size.

How to choose correct size?


Measure your child.
Do it according to the below sketch to eliminate errors.


Measure at the widest part of the head.


Trace your kid's foot, then measure from the to to the heel.

How to read our labels?

On our labels you'll find all the information you may need, such as:

- Item #
- Size. In both centimeters (UE) as well as age group (US)
- fabric composition
- Care instructions

Size Chart - Caps

Please refer to below size to age group conversion.Size to age values given here are approximate and can be used as general guidelines,
however every child is unique and it is always a good idea to try our product by person. If in doubt, go by size rather than age group, as it's more accurate.

Size (in cm) Age group
38-44 1-6 months
40-46 3-10 months
42-48 4-16 months
44-50 6-24 months
46-52 10-48 months
48-54 16-60 months
50-56 2-7 years
52-58 4-8 years

Size Chart - Gloves

Gloves are sized by age only.

Size Age group
0-2 0-2 years
2-6 2-6 years
2-4 2-4 years
4-6 4-6 years
7-9 7-9 years
10-11 10-11 years

Size Chart - Slippers

Slippers are made in two sizes only.

Size (in cm) Age group
11 4-6 months
12,5 6-12 months

Size Chart - Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are made in two sizes only.

Size Age group
1-3 1-3 years
3-6 3-6 years